Up until 1925, the only place to play golf in Huntsville, AL was a nine-hole, sand-green, “cow pasture” golf course provided by the Dallas Manufacturing Company. It was called “The Country Club” and was located at the Northeast corner of Oakwood Avenue and Andrew Jackson Way.

Early in 1925, a group of fifteen men, the founders, became interested in organizing a country club and securing the Milton Moss property for its location. The founders were aware that at least two prior attempts to organize a country club in Huntsville had failed, so they secured the services of a professional organizer and promoter to assist in developing a plan for the successful establishment what would come to be known as Huntsville Country Club.

In April of 1925, the founders reached out to the community to generate interest in membership. About 70 people indicated strong interest of joining a club by late May, and, by mid November, there was an overwhelming response with 210 applicants. Those applicants became the Charter Members of Huntsville Country Club.

In 1933, a fire destroyed the original clubhouse which was rebuilt in 1949. With sixteen years of doubling up on the south nine, and especially after the new clubhouse was built in 1949, serious thought was turned to constructing a new eighteen-hole course. The first step was to get enough property. In 1950, G.W. Jones & Sons, local consulting engineers, was commissioned to prepare a topographic map of the property which included two additional tracts, the 40-acre Clay tract and the 11.5-acre Prince tract. The Clay property was purchased in 1950, followed by the Prince tract that was bought in 1955. Robert Bruce Harris, golf course architect and engineer, began preparing plans for the eighteen-hole golf course, and work began on the new course with the excavation of the lake in the summer of 1958. Play then began in the fall of 1959.
By 1978 HCC began to realize that it could not attract enough new members, nor expect enough revenue from the existing members, to prosper without a new and modern clubhouse. The concrete block clubhouse was no longer adequate and its mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems had served their time.

Early in 1990, the membership of Huntsville Country Club voted to spend 1.25 million dollars to renovate the golf course. John Lafoy of Taylor, South Carolina was chosen as the architect of the redesign. The greens were completely rebuilt with bent grass and were made much larger. Zoysia grass was used around bunkers and on the collars. Many Scottish mounds about and the existing lake was enlarged. Other significant changes were the addition of concrete cart paths, irrigation and drainage systems and a larger driving range.

Now under new ownership, the club continues to grow and offer the community the best amenities while maintaining our Southern Hospitality.  Huntsville Country Club has 90 great years of tradition filled with lots of change and growth. Come visit us today and be a part of the next 90 years at Huntsville Country Club!